Back to school! Back to the swing! Back to…

Kathryn Noonan, MSA/MBA ’17

Back to school!  Back to the swing!  Back to… getting up way too early.  We are now in our third week of the quickie April semester, which definitely feels like getting hit by a cold wave on a hot day at the beach.  My internship was really nice,  I commute to school about an hour each way, leaving before 7 to pick up my carpool buddy.  For my internship the majority of engagements I took were one town over from me (hopefully my career will mirror that!) and requested that I start at 9 or 9:30.

So being in class for 8 has been…harsh.

Did anything from the internship follow me back to school? Roughly a metric ton of excel skills.  I considered myself excel proficient last year, I’d worked with it for years in non-accounting settings, but the vast library of skills they teach at the firms floored me.   And I barely scratched the surface! Now I feel like a total whiz breezing through creating models in our MBA classes, and there is so much more to learn.

Overall there is a sense of ending beginning with our class.  Most people know where they will be working next year and our cohort mix won’t be changing again before graduation.  The biggest challenge is to focus on the “now” working hard in these last few months while keeping up with preparing for the future, scheduling CPA exams, planning how much to save or direct to paying off loans.


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