Traveling Around the Hub

Zachary Hanrahan, MSA/MBA'17

Zachary Hanrahan, MSA/MBA’17

Option 1: Your own two feet!

From NU’s campus you can walk to four of my favorite neighborhoods within 20 MINUTES!

  1.  Fenway (bars, Lucky Strike bowling, baseball and the commotion that ensues, restaurants, shopping & movies at the Landmark Center)
  2.  Newbury Street (shopping without a budget, restaurants, bars, concerts at Berkeley School of Music, and the Prudential Mall)
  3. The South End (boutique shopping, cute cafes, beautiful architecture, charming nooks, and two of my favorite spots in Boston; The Buttery & Formaggio)
  4. Dudley Square (up and coming, rough around the edges but check out the Silver Slipper  Dudley Dough, Tropical Foods, Dudley Café, and of course Haley House for awesome food and community events)

Option 2: The Charlie (The T…aka the subway)

From NU’s campus you have access to essentially the whole city via the Green Line and the Orange Line…don’t be afraid, except from 5-7pm, then you can be afraid.

The Golden Keys (1/2):  RED & ORANGE LINES Downtown Crossing = this station is a major connection between lines (great shopping too if you want to get off here)…I call it the gateway to Boston! Hop on the orange line inbound at Ruggles, and either travel to the city’s center (Chinatown, State Street (Quincy Market), Haymarket (the North End), and even beautiful Charlestown) OR switch to the Red Line to explore the cutest neighborhoods in the area (Central, Harvard, Porter, and Davis)

The Golden Keys (2/2):  GREEN LINE Hynes Convention = connects you to Boston University, Boston College, Brookline, and other Boston area neighborhoods such as Allston & Brighton, just make the 10 minute walk up to HYNES and catch the right letter!


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