Its All About Networking

Labiba Wahab,

A huge component of our job application process in the MSAMBA program has been networking with the accounting firms that are recruiting from our class. Our entire summer was full of cocktails, brunches, and visits to the firms. Those of us who weren’t already, got very good at dressing up in business attire and making chitchat with strangers (as if the experience wasn’t completely foreign and nerve-racking).

A phrase that we’ve heard repeated frequently during these networking opportunities has been “it’s all about the people”, and it was usually the answer to any question starting with “what’s your favorite part of…” But as cliché as it’s become, it is undeniable how enormous an impact the people one surrounds herself with have on her well being and productivity. The summer term was hectic and the fall term looks like it will be equally, if not even more hectic. But I find myself enjoying every second of it because I am usually, if not always, in the company of people who brighten my day. The GSPA bunch are friendly, sociable, incredibly funny, and generous in helping each other out. The professors make a strong effort to teach well and help out struggling students, and I personally have found some of their classes to be very entertaining.

I think any graduate program, and “the real world” in general, will involve copious amounts of hard work, dedication, and scheduling. We survive it all with a little optimism and a little help from our friends. So, the question when choosing a graduate program or a job, in my opinion, shouldn’t be “how much work will I have to do?” but “will I have fun doing the work?” The purpose of the firm visits and countless networking sessions has been to help us answer this exact question. Given that my next major commitment will (hopefully) be longer than a 15-month graduate program, I am grateful for the preview.


Fitting in health and fitness routines into a busy schedule

Kevin Carter,

Northeastern University’s MS in Accounting / MBA program proves academically challenging from both a substantive and time management perspective. The program’s students must balance two accelerated summer semesters. In the fall, these students must complete 24 credits (i.e., 5 courses). Frankly, these students are busy. However, each student should properly balance their academic responsibilities with their personal lives. Ideally, a student should find a hobby which aligns with his or her interests. This hobby should provide the student a healthy outlet from the demands of his or her rigorous academic schedule.

Personally, I enjoy daily exercise. I recommend this hobby to anyone, regardless of athletic background. Sticking to such a program proves a difficult task, given a busy academic schedule. However, daily exercise yields positive results. For instance, daily exercise helps manage stress, provide mental clarity, facilitates learning, and regulates sleep patterns. Daily exercise also builds discipline. Such discipline may help a student in other aspects of his or her life.

I have found that different people prefer to exercise at different times of the day. I prefer daily exercise before 8:00 am class, as it energizes me before my four-hours of class. I have also discovered that consistent exercise helps aid my troubled sleep cycle. Improved quality of sleep benefits me both in and out of the classroom. Accordingly, I believe that people who want to see significant changes in their quality of life should assume a strict and consistent fitness regimen.

Fall is Here! What to do in Boston…

Olivia Sun,

Did you know the average age in Boston increases roughly 5 years in the Summer? With the return of Autumn, school is starting, leaves are changing, and pumpkin and cinnamon are in everything, edible or not. Fall on the Northeastern Campus is exhilarating. The Undergraduate Freshmen are energized and excited to be at the beginning of their adult lives, the returning students are ready to take on another year, and the GSPA students are back, ready to conquer the remaining 352 days of their program. It is a second fresh start for the students, a second new year. So, get ready for some apple picking and pumpkin patching, grab your tax books and audit principles, flannel and fleeces because Fall has arrived. Here are some fun to activities to do during the Fall while in Boston:

Apple Picking

  • Honey Pot Hill, Stow, MA
    • Boston area’s most popular farm for apple picking. Their fresh house-made cider, doughnuts, pie, and caramel apples are food of legend. Definitely worth spending the better part of the day there.
  • Brooksby Farm, Peabody, MA
    • The smell of fresh cider and apple pie wafts around the country store and farm as one explores this orchard. With barnyard animals as company, apple picking could not be more relaxing.
  • Russell Orchards, Ipswich, MA
    • My personal favorite orchard, this small farm is gorgeous for a quiet stroll on a farm. There is a small pumpkin patch with gourds and squash abound for the picking. The apples and cider doughnuts are sweet and delicious, perfectly paired with a picturesque view of the sun setting behind the trees.

Freedom Trail Turned Foliage Tour

  • Now that Fall is here, the tourists have gone and the weather cool, the Freedom trail can double as a foliage tour. See the leaves change color while exploring historic Boston and the sites of American history.

Flannel Friday Flicks at Harpoon

  • Fall movie nights at Harpoon Brewery. Bring a blanket, friend, and your best flannel as you watch a movie outdoors surrounded by beer.
    • $25 tickets will get you 2 pints of beer and delicious popcorn.
    • 9/15 – Ferris Buller’s Day Off
    • 10/13 – Friday the 13th

Cider Tastings

  • Boston is home to numerous cider breweries, each with their own events and seasonal releases. Some noteworthy ones that are personal favorites are:
    • Bantam, Somerville, MA
    • Downeast Cider House, Boston, MA
    • Prospect Ciderworks, Boston, MA

Head of the Charles Regatta (3rd Weekend in October)

  • This race has attracted hundreds of thousands of people every year to the banks of the Charles River. Spend the day watching rowers race down the river, taking in the energy of the spectators and athletes at this traditionally Boston Fall event.

Fluff Festival, 9/23/2017, Somerville, MA

  • Did you know Marshmallow Fluff was invented in Somerville, MA? 12th Annual Fluff Festival in Somerville will have music, cooking contests, games, activities, and treats for all ages.


Back in the Swing of Things

Stuart Block,

After a glorious two-week break filled with trips to national parks and spending time with family, we have returned to school renewed, refreshed, and ready to take on the daunting fall semester of the MSA/MBA program. While the summer semesters provide the unique challenge of fitting a semester worth of academia into a short 7 weeks, the fall semester proves challenging as we take on five classes, internship interviews, and eventually internship placement. Those of us who have elected to intern with accounting firms in New York City came back to school with more than just a positive attitude – they came back with offers and the tough decision of which accounting firm to intern with during the upcoming busy season. In the world of academia, we’ve officially met our professors for the fall who include a walking encyclopedia on tax, a veteran chief information officer of multiple technology companies, a former graduate of the program and accounting expert, an astute published author on governance, and a very-well seasoned former audit partner of a major accounting firm. I think I can safely say on behalf of our entire class that we are about to absorb a significant amount of information this semester and will be well prepared for our internships come January!

Options and Opportunities

Dino Constantine,

One of the most important things to have in life is the ability to choose your destiny. The ability to choose is what attracted me to Northeastern’s MSA/MBA program. Armed with an MBA and an MSA, I am certain that I will be presented with many options and opportunities throughout my career. Now that I am 3 months deep into the program, it has become apparent how many opportunities there are if you just apply yourself in this program. After meeting many different people at the networking events, even though we are all working in accounting it became clear that we can end up working in many different industries and subjects. With the goal of creating options and opportunities for myself, I personally feel that I made the right choice by joining this program.